[WU] Switch's challs 0x1 - reverse.me

Posted on Wed 05 December 2018 in Reverse • Tagged with reverse, cutter, wu

This is a small 32 bits reverse challenge made by Switch, available here.

When run, this binary ask the user an input, and seems to crash right after that (whatever our input is). After loading the binary in Cutter, we can spot in the import table some well known curl …

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Static Analysis of OJ's Police Quest

Posted on Mon 03 December 2018 in Reverse • Tagged with reverse, ida, exploit

Roughly one week ago (end of November 2018), OJ published a CTF challenge, the goal (rather simple) is to exploit this binary. I'm trying to write those article while I reverse/exploit this game. In this first article I will focus on static analysis to gather information that will be …

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