[ELEC][LED] HTTP proxy for infrared LED

Posted on Wed 01 February 2023 in Tech, Hardware • Tagged with iot, led, elec

A long time ago, I bought a led strip to pimp my desk and add a bit of backlight behind my screens. The led strip came with a remote, which was (or so I thought) great. However, I ended up never using this led strip ever again, precisely because of …

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[TECH][BACKUP] Lifeboat.sh, retaining access to backups

Posted on Sat 24 December 2022 in Tech, Hardware, Setup • Tagged with lenovo, x1c6, restic, backup

The more time passes, the more backups I keep and the more afraid I am to lose them (or access to them), however those backup beeing encrypted and protected by many layers of passphrases, authentication, I must now make sure that I can access them from anywhere, at anytime, otherwise …

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[TECH] Handmade anti theft system

Posted on Tue 14 April 2020 in Tech, Hardware, Setup • Tagged with lenovo, x1c6, wwan, em7455, initramfs

Following my last post I decided to play a bit more with 4G networks and the oportunities of having it on a laptop.

During those Easter's holiday I finally took the time to prototype a small project I had in mind for a long time, I wanted to design an …

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[TECH] Lenovo X1C6 WWAN

Posted on Wed 09 January 2019 in Tech, Hardware, Setup • Tagged with lenovo, x1c6, wwan, em7455

Roughly one year ago, I had to install a WWAN modem inside a Lenovo X1 5th generation. Due to the price Lenovo was selling the modem, we tried to install a generic, cheaper one. We struggled a lot (BIOS Whitelisting, AT port, ...) but we eventually managed to make it work …

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[WU] Switch's challs 0x1 - reverse.me

Posted on Wed 05 December 2018 in Reverse • Tagged with reverse, cutter, wu

This is a small 32 bits reverse challenge made by Switch, available here.

When run, this binary ask the user an input, and seems to crash right after that (whatever our input is). After loading the binary in Cutter, we can spot in the import table some well known curl …

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